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Continuing with The Alphabet Challenge Variation (read 18 books where the title/author name begins with the letter A, then B, C, etc. through R).

Letter “E” for Eversea

For this letter of the alphabet, I chose to read Natasha Boyd’s Eversea, published in 2013. I met this author at the RT Convention in Atlanta when I sat at her table at one of their various fan events. During the conversation with those at her table we learned that the author’s not native to the U.S., has lived around the world, but now resides on Hilton Head, South Carolina. I mention all this because I want to say that for a non-native of that region, she did a wonderful job portraying that part of the country. I really felt like I was right there. So, good job.

This story is about a young woman, Keri Ann Butler, who lives in the low country of South Carolina, alone in an old, historical home, which needs a lot of work and is important to her small, tourism-dependent community. Unfortunately, Keri and her brother, who is in medical school, don’t have the resources to fix it up. Keri works as a waitress, creates some art on the side, and is waiting for her brother to finish school so she can pursue her own education. While waiting for her life to begin, Jack Eversea comes crashing into it. Jack is a Hollywood A-list actor who stars in a popular movie franchise based on a series of books Keri has long loved. His presence in South Carolina is on the down-low. Jack’s staying at the beach front home of a friend, who’s a movie producer, while he escapes from the paparazzi after it goes public that his long time girlfriend and co-star is caught cheating on him. Even though Jack’s relationship with his girlfriend had been running on fumes and was growing more businesslike, than passionate, Jack was still blindsided by her faithlessness — especially when it becomes the talk of the town. Needing to clear his head, Jack decides to secretly flee to the east coast. Of course, it takes no time before Jack meets Keri and, although she’s initially skittish as well as starstruck, they soon find they have a mutual attraction that, despite the obstacles and their differences, might be something they’d like to pursue.

First off, I have to say, this book is not a standalone. It ends on a bit of a cliffhanger which is continued in a second book, featuring the same heroine and hero, titled Forever Jack. If that is not the type of thing you like, be warned. But, to be frank, I liked it. I liked the cliffhanger and am looking forward to diving into part two of Keri Ann and Jack’s story. Not only do I think their romance is believable and done with care, but I also enjoyed all the supporting characters, especially Keri Ann’s friend and her brother, about whom I believe a later book is about. (I think there are five books devoted to these group of characters, one of which is a shorter e-book.) Finally, Jack’s backstory is very interesting and unexpected. In fact, I had to chuckle over one tiny bit of info that might delight historical romance fans.

I also have to say that I love the art on the book covers, which is neither here nor there, except it always makes me happy to open a book that is also so attractive.

On the downside, I thought the ending — because it was a cliffhanger — was a little, bit confusing, since I wasn’t expecting that at all. At the end, we learn, via word of mouth, about one set of events, and then a further chapter goes back and shows us what happened. At first, I didn’t know that was happening and had to read it over. But, now that I’ve figured it out, I really liked it. But, it was confusing. Secondly, I thought Jack’s relationship with his girlfriend seemed to mean a bit more to him than was stated. Maybe it was just male ego, but he seemed more emotional about it than I would’ve expected if he was truly done with it all.

All this being said, I have to say, I am very pleased and am going to order some of Ms. Boyd’s other books. This one I’d give an A.


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