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The Shoe Challenge
Wingtip – Read a book about a pilot or stewardess.
Marry Me, Major by Merline Lovelace – hero is a pilot:
The h/h agreed to a temporary marriage in-name-only to aid her efforts to get custody of her step-niece. Their plans went awry when the hero was injured before his deployment. They ended up actually living together and soon decided to give their marriage a real chance. For the most part the h/h talked through their issues (except for the big misunderstanding toward the end). There was a great deal about “places to go” while in New Mexico. Some was well-incorporated into the plot, but some came across as info-dumping. The “villain” crossed into mustache-twirling territory. The wrong character apologized in the end or there should have at least been joint groveling. Despite these quibbles, overall a fun read.

The Alphabet Challenge Variation
Q = The Other Lady Vanishes by Amanda Quick:
There was a large cast of dubious characters, many lying about their identity, and most double- or triple-crossing their various partners in crime. The h/h were each keeping secrets as well. They made a fun couple. I enjoyed the romance even though it felt overshadowed by the mystery elements at times. The mystery had lots of fun twist and turns even if some were obvious. There was also the hint of a secondary romance with two characters introduced in the first book. I hope we see more of them if this series continues. Overall a charming read filled with the author’s customary humor and found family themes.

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