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Starting, for a change, with The Rights and Responsibilities Challenge:

8) Sue someone: Read a romance involving characters in the legal field: lawyers, judges, police officers, detectives. Or read a romance in which one major character is suing another or threatening a law suit or legal action.

For this particular right that a newly-minted 18 year old earns, I read a book that was selected by my book group: Mary Burton’s The Last Move, published in 2017. This story was reviewed last year by AAR. It is well described here: https://allaboutromance.com/book-review/last-move-mary-burton/, and I pretty much agree with the reviewer’s grade of B.

I have to say, straight off, that I’m not the biggest fan of romantic suspense, mostly because so many of them focus on the torture and killing of women, children or animals. So, I don’t find that particularly pleasurable to read about. This book includes some of that, but at least it also includes a bad-ass heroine who is realistically capable at her job, but is also vulnerable. The heroine, Kate Hayden, is an FBI agent who is known for her ability to track down serial killers using her particular knowledge of language and communication. Ironically, though, because of a horrific incident during her teenage years, she isn’t very good at communicating with her family or with anyone outside of her job. Of course, her current case, brings her very close to home and allows her to make familial connections she’s been avoiding. She also teams up with a San Antonio detective, who, unlike Kate, is trying desperately to keep communications open with his young daughter who has been moved to the area from Chicago, by her mother. On top of these personal issues, Kate and Theo are tasked with tracking down a killer who appears to be mimicking the various cases Kate has solved in the past, while also keeping abreast of another case Kate had been trying to solve before being pulled off that job.

I have to say Burton did a very good job of making something that seemed very straight-forward, at first, into an interesting thriller. I was genuinely surprised at a couple of the twists (although I wondered whether my inability to put two and two together was more because, I just wanted to speed through the uncomfortable bits, rather than think about them more in order to figure out who was responsible for what! Ha!) For those of us, who are more into romance than suspense, the story is pretty light on the former. Kate and Theo are definitely attracted to each other, but it seemed more of a meeting of the minds rather than something romantic or even physical. They do share “some time” together, but it’s not a big part of the story. Still, I’m not sorry I read it, since it was definitely well done, and I get the impression Burton’s other novels might be more romantic than this – or at least that’s what the AAR reviewer implied. Maybe I’ll try out another one … maybe.


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