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The Alphabet Challenge Variation
K = The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang:
The ‘heroine hired a male escort to teach her about sex’ plot was not something I usually read, but I really enjoyed this author’s debut book. The h/h each had baggage and felt the other couldn’t possibly see them as worthy. Conflicts which could be easily solved with an honest conversation are almost impossible to pull off convincingly, but worked well in the context of this story. The h/h each made mistakes but quickly owned up to them. I wish we’d had more page time with the heroine’s parents. Overall there was a wonderful balance of angst, family drama, self-discovery, humor, and joy. A delightful read.

The Shoe Challenge
Crocs – a summer shoe. Read a book that takes place in summer.
Jilted by Kelly Jamieson – set in June:
I’d started this book over a dozen times since it was released in 2013 and could never get past the first few chapters. I had a hard time believing the hero would have agreed to marry the heroine’s best friend for his family’s sake or that the bff/fiancée would really expect the heroine to be happy about the wedding seeing that the heroine had only recently broken up with the hero. Then the fiancée jilted the hero at the altar to run off with her ex-boyfriend. The author had the heroine agree to help the hero look for her, but only because of a hidden motive. So no one came off looking good at the beginning of this series set-up. She could have just been honest about her ulterior motive as it did not make a very believable conflict. Once the h/h finally started talking to each other the book improved. I just wished it hadn’t taken so long. There was a big-city-equals-bad/small-town-equals-good vibe I could have done without. The hero’s attitude problem was ridiculous, especially since he’s been the one prepared to marry someone else. He needed to do more groveling as his apology was half-hearted at best. I wished the heroine had been able to keep her big city dreams, I didn’t buy it wasn’t what she truly wanted. Overall a disappointing read.

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