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The 18 in 18 Phonics Challenge
G for gourmet — Read a romance in which the heroine and/or hero is a chef, baker, caterer, etc, or owns a restaurant, diner, bakery, etc.
Bolted by Meg Benjamin – heroine is a chef:
Through a bizarre set of circumstances the heroine took a job as chef at a dilapidated hotel after rescuing the archeologist hero. She’d always felt she was the family screw-up so was hiding out from her mother temporarily. Though her mother knew herself to be overly judgmental, she didn’t actually apologize to her daughter. The romance was rushed, but the h/h discussed that fact on page. Overall a fun romance filled with quirky supporting characters.

The Catchphrase Challenge
“That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!” – Popeye (Popeye the Sailor) – Read a book where the h/h are at rock bottom or in a desperate situation or a novel where the h/h is recouping from a lost job, lost career, major scandal etc.
Busted by Sydney Somers – hero can no longer play professional hockey due to an injury:
The ex-hockey star hero was upset the heroine didn’t immediately forgive him when he not only didn’t remember her at first but assumed he’d taken her on a date in high school when she was actually one of his friend’s twin sister. His sense of entitlement was annoying. Thankfully he realized he was being self-absorbed and made an effort to change, but sadly kept having relapses into jerksville. The heroine had been branded a trouble-maker in high school, but was now a police detective. They agreed to attend his bff’s wedding together so he could avoid questions and she could avoid her ex. They then kept extending their temporary relationship, each wanting more but reluctant to say so. There were a number of subplots, some of which needed more page time, some less. An uneven but still likable read.

The Alphabet Challenge Variation
H = Hitched by Erin Nicholas:
The final book in this multi-author series focused on the bride who had jilted her fiancé at the altar in book one. The heroine had been living her life to please her father and trying to live up to her mother’s memory, She enjoyed being a martyr. The hero interrupted the wedding and he and the heroine took off for Alaska. The abysmal way the heroine had treated her bff was too easily glossed over (They came back to town temporarily, laughed about how crazy the situation was, and presto everything was forgiven). The hero had left town to turn his life around. He was now a veterinarian and additionally worked with polar bears so moving back to their small town wasn’t really in the cards. There were a few parts I liked, but overall a frustrating and disappointing read.

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