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The Catchphrase Challenge
“Oh, Goody!” Herman Munster, (Munsters) – Read a paranormal romance.
Heart of Crystal by Lauren DM Smith:
The heroine had the ability to manipulate crystal. She had searched for years for her enslaved family. The hero was the emperor’s chief magus. They reluctantly teamed up to continue her search. Posing as married tea merchants they journeyed to the neighboring kingdom. While not precisely enemies-to-lovers, the story was about them learning to trust each other and combine their divergent but complimentary skillsets. The plot bogged down in details at times—such as descriptions of the clothing, etc—and I had issues with some aspects (trying not to be spoilery). But I liked the h/h, both individually and as a couple. Their slow-burn romance was sweet and filled with humor despite the often dark tones of the plot.

The Alphabet Challenge Variation
L = Killing Me Softly by Leisl Leighton:
The rock star hero didn’t care about the producer heroine’s wants or needs and insisted she had to work with his band. She’d guarded her anonymity as she had a stalker (even if she kept that a secret from her friends and staff at least she’d told police). She’d also just brought her catatonic twin sister home after a decade in a mental institution. I understood the heroine had to make enough funds to purchase the isolated property and then fix it up to create a suitable place for her sister, but a lot of the timing of the sister’s medical status seemed odd (like why wasn’t she given more help in the eleven years between her attack and when the heroine took her out of the asylum?). The hero had an evil ex-wife who had sold him out to the tabloids and this supposedly excused him from treating his bandmates and others like crap as well as invading the heroine’s privacy (I miss the eye-rolling smilie). He was such a selfish prick. He knew he was acting like a jerk, but blamed the heroine for his behavior. Once he’d had her secretly investigated he decided it was okay to give into their attraction. Ugh! His behavior improved somewhat in the latter half of the book and he admitted to being in the wrong but he continued to think he knew best. The hero did not grovel anywhere close to enough. The villain was too obvious. While the romance did not work at all for me, I liked the relationship between the sisters and most of the supporting characters despite the fact the plot called on them to behave too foolish for words at times. Despite the numerous issues with this particular book I would try this author again.

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