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Easy Eighteen Challenge (The Whittler) – Novellas
Slip Point by Karalynn Lee:
We first met the h/h as children. They grew up on a homesteader planet each longing to become pilots and explore. The heroine discovered her long-thought-dead father was really a notorious space pirate when her application to join the Space Corps was denied. Flash forward ten years and she was now a notorious pirate herself. I thought it was ridiculous that she was angry and upset upon meeting the hero again because he was angry she’d abandoned him without a word. Their secret mission paired them temporarily. The world building was intriguing, but none of the multiple subplots were developed enough even though this was a long novella. I wanted to like the story more than I ultimately did. Each subplot felt glossed over as did the romance.

The Shoe Challenge
Flip flops – The ultimate casual, contemporary shoe. Read a contemporary romance.
Love Me Not by Reese Ryan:
This was the second book in this series, though chronologically it takes place earlier. We knew a few of the plot points from the previous book. The heroine was a bartender and artist. The hero was an ad exec who’d just relocated to Cleveland. The heroine had thankfully had professional counseling, but still had self-esteem issues. She was reluctant to trust and only dated guys she knew were losers. So though their attraction was immediate, the romance between the h/h was very slow to develop. Some of the television shows the characters talked about made the book feel dated even though it was just published in 2013. The hero had POV scenes, but the emphasis was much more on the heroine’s journey. I had issues with the subplot regarding the heroine’s biological mother. (Not the fact she needed closure, but with the idea people were advising her that she must allow the woman back into her life.). A lot of angst, but overall an enjoyable romance.

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