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The 18 in 18 Phonics Challenge
N for news — Read a romance where the heroine and/or hero is involved with the news industry, e.g. reporter, anchor, newspaper editor, etc.
Medium Rare by Meg Benjamin – hero is an investigative journalist:
The heroine was a research librarian. She’d discovered she was from a family of mediums when she inherited her maternal grandmother’s house and resident ghost. The hero was an investigative journalist famous for debunking fake psychics. He hired her as his temporary research assistant while he investigated a TV medium. The hero was a cynic and I wished he’d groveled more for his actions when he discovered the truth. Several plot threads were left dangling at the end and the heroine’s mother’s subplot needed more page time. I was meh on the mystery, but overall a likeable romance. And I loved the heroine’s dog.

The Catchphrase Challenge
“Missed me by that much.” Maxwell Smart (Get Smart) – Have a book that comes close to one of these categories but doesn’t quite make the cut? Read that book.
Raven’s Prey by Stephanie James – hero is deceived by his clients (almost fit House, but not quite) :
The heroine was hiding in Mexico after witnessing a crime. The hero was hired to retrieve her after being told she was neurotic and spoiled and just after attention. Like in many early 80s romances, the casual way the hero thought and talked about beating her and the way the townspeople just accepted that he would have every right to do so was disturbing. To give JAK credit, the love scenes all made the heroine’s consent clear, but the hero behaved like an entitled jerk too often. Every time I started to think the hero could be redeemed, he returned to jerksville and usually blamed the heroine for him losing his temper. The heroine stood up for herself but would then capitulate. There was some of the author’s trademark humor, but even though the hero came to understand how wrong he was and apologized for his behavior, the fact that the heroine made so many excuses for him was irksome. A very disappointing read.

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