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The Catchphrase Challenge
“Come on down!” (The Price is Right) – Only people who have to count their pennies count the cost. Read a book about a working class hero or heroine.
Dating for Keeps by Coleen Kwan – hero is a contractor:
The hero had been a complete jerk to his sister and bff in the first book of this series, but also quickly owned up to his poor behavior and apologized. The accountant heroine was used to others thinking of her as weird. She had a bearded dragon for a pet and an offbeat sense of fashion. She was trying to get back into the dating scene after several disastrous dates. The hero wanted to find more work in his hometown to be closer to his father who’d recently suffered a stroke. They agreed to exchange favors with her giving him an introduction to her father who was on the lookout for a new business partner and him helping her out as a dating coach. Of course they each ended up wanting more but were leery of telling the other. Toss in more bad dates for the heroine and some family drama for the hero and voilà. I liked the hero and enjoyed their romance, but it was the heroine who really made the story shine. A fun read.

The Shoe Challenge
Designer shoes – Read a book where the h/h is wealthy.
Betrayals by Carla Neggers – heroine is rich:
We’re first introduced to the h/h in 1959, when she’s four and he’s nine. Flash forward thirty years (the book was published in 1990) and we learn her family had moved away but they’d dated when she started college. We also learn they’d broken up under mysterious circumstances (not as spoiler as in the blurb). The heroine and her roommate created a worldwide best-selling board game in college which they’d sold the rights to making them both very wealthy. She now worked as a graphic designer. The hero was raising his daughter as a single parent after the death of her Vietnamese mother during the fall of Saigon. The villain seemed really obvious as the thief from the moment they appeared, though the true scope of their treachery was revealed slowly. The reasons one of the characters remained quiet for so many years felt inadequate. The hero should have been honest with the heroine as it seemed he’d only lied to her for plot purposes and never really apologized. The story unfolded both in the present and as flashbacks from various pivotal moments in the characters’ lives. This format worked well overall, but could also be frustrating. With a large cast of characters there were multiple layers of deceit and betrayal—both real and presumed—family drama, foolish choices, and secrets, I loved the heroine and the hero’s daughter and wanted to see more of their relationship. Some issues with the plot and certain characters, but I mostly enjoyed the story.

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