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The Catchphrase Challenge
“This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.” (Mission: Impossible) – Read a romance where the characters work for a clandestine agency or private security firm/PI .
Liam’s Witness Protection by Amelia Autin – hero works with a clandestine agency:
The heroine was set to testify against a human trafficking kingpin who’d held her prisoner when she was sixteen. The hero thought of himself as open-minded, but since his first thought about the heroine was that “she didn’t look like a prostitute” he had a ways to go. They were attacked outside the courtroom. As both of the US Marshals on her protective detail were injured, the DSS agent hero took the heroine on the run with the help of his siblings and others who worked for a clandestine agency. Though she felt unworthy of love after everything she’d been through, the heroine was angry at first about the snap judgment the hero had made about her. Sadly, she later thought it wasn’t something to fault him for. The hero’s attitude was irksome. Even once he acknowledged he’d been wrong, there was a lack of self-awareness and circular logic in his thoughts and actions. I had sympathy for the heroine but wish there’d been at least some consideration of professional counseling. Despite having been held prisoner, raped, and tortured for two years and then spending seven years on the run, the heroine was magically cured after spending a few days with the hero. There was too much info-dumping about characters from the previous books. I enjoyed their actual appearances, but could have done without the abbreviated life stories disguised as conversation. The downfall of the big villain was a long-time coming even if he was a cartoonish caricature. There were parts I liked, but the romance didn’t work for me. Overall a disappointing read.

The Shoe Challenge
Stiletto – The ultimate girl shoe. Read a book about a girly girl, a perfect lady or a heroine who is either taller than average or described as shorter than average.
Sexy/Dangerous by Beverly Jenkins – heroine is 5’11”:
After a kidnapping attempt, the heroine was assigned to be the hero’s bodyguard. The hero was a scientist on the verge of perfecting an alternate energy source for heating homes and didn’t want to be bothered. The hero started as a jerk. It was annoying when he wouldn’t listen to the heroine in regards to his safety. I loved the heroine and her two dogs. The adventure plot was OTT, but there was such a great sense of fun that it worked. I wish the hero had apologized and that they’d been able to reach an alternate compromise regarding the heroine’s career. But overall an entertaining read.

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