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The Shoe Challenge
Sandal – Quite possibly the oldest shoe known to man. Read a historical novel.
Outrageous Desire by Carla Neggers:
This book was published in 1982 so there were no scenes from the hero’s POV. The heroine was a suffragette and supporter of workers’ rights. There were numerous rumors about the hero, but of course neither he nor her father bothered to tell the heroine the truth so it was easy to see why she wrongly believed some things. The hero acted like an arrogant jerk for the entire book. He treated the heroine poorly mostly for plot purposes, so that she would doubt his character, but at several points I wished she’d told him off and found someone else. He deliberately withheld information from her multiple times, yet expected her to answer all of his questions and simply trust him because he said so. I liked the heroine. She was confident and clever. The hero did not grovel anywhere near enough for his behavior. There were parts I enjoyed, but too often a frustrating read.

Easy Eighteen Challenge (The Whittler) – Novellas
Husband for Hire by Carla Neggers:
The war-correspondent heroine was being harassed. She thought by her mentor so, convinced he just needed help, she didn’t report him to their network. Instead she hired the hero to be her fake fiancé believing him to be a handyman and unaware he was an ex-reporter himself. The hero had secrets of his own and was convinced he knew better than the heroine. An uneven read, but I liked the heroine and that they both compromised in the end.

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