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The Catchphrase Challenge
“Everybody lies.” House, (House) – Read a book where deception plays a key role, such as a mistaken identity, girl dressed as boy book etc.
Souvenirs by Mia Kay – the h/h both start out lying about their identity:
The h/h were each accompanying their mothers on a two-week European train tour and met in the airport. The heroine was an American author who’d just finished a screenplay adaptation for one of her books. The hero was a British actor. They were both traveling under variations of their legal names to avoid the paparazzi (in his case), overzealous fans (her case), and to simply have a vacation. There was a bit of ‘not like other girls’ from the hero as well as his mother early on since the heroine actually ate meals and dressed “to sightsee not to be seen.” Their mothers hit it off instantly and they found themselves often dining and taking in the sights together. Their mothers were determined to play matchmakers. Though they were each recognized by various other characters, the h/h both made excuses to not tell the other the complete truth about who they were during the trip. They each knew the other had a secret, but after determining neither was involved with anyone else or a criminal they’d agreed to not allow it to affect their affair. At the end of the trip they made vague plans to see one another again when their schedules permitted, each justifying not coming clean by thinking they were sparing the other the media circus of their life. I enjoyed the vacation part of the book, but the story really took off once they were each back to their real lives. After months of text messages and skype calls they were finally confronted with the truth. The hero tended to jump to negative conclusions. On the one hand, I could sympathize as he’d had a few run-ins with the tabloid press. But on the other, not so much! He certainly needed to grovel, which thankfully he did. I loved the heroine. While I had a few quibbles with parts, overall a very fun read with an enjoyable romance.

The 18 in 18 Phonics Challenge
E for entertainment — Read a romance where the heroine and/or hero works in the entertainment industry, e.g. actor, musician, director, make-up artist, producer, etc.
A Father’s Desperate Rescue by Amelia Autin – hero is an actor:
The hero’s first wife was by far my favorite character in the fourth book of this series and I was mad and sad when the author killed her off. The hero started off very judgmental thinking the heroine (the first woman he’d been attracted to since his wife’s death) was having an affair with the older gentleman he sees her with. The man turned out to be his married director, which resulted in more judgment, albeit only his internal monologue. Of course, the director turned out to be the heroine’s father. Thankfully the hero at least felt chagrined he’d jumped to conclusions. This was all in chapter one. Fortunately his attitude greatly improved after that. His twin daughters were kidnapped just as a typhoon passed near to Hong Kong. The heroine was a kidnap-and-ransom negotiator/private investigator. Though we had the main villain’s POV from the very start and the final resolution for his character was anti-climactic, the suspense aspect of the story still worked well for the most part. Overall I enjoyed the romance. But ultimately it was the heroine who truly made the book work.

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