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[Thought I had originally posted this Sunday, but it seems to be lost in cyberspace]

The 18 in 18 Phonics Challenge
E for education — Read a romance where the heroine and/or hero is involved with education, e.g. teacher, principal, school counselor, etc.
One Perfect Kiss by Jaci Burton – h/h are both teachers:
The h/h were high school teachers: she taught English, he taught history and coached the football team. They were friends for a while before getting involved romantically. The descriptions of food and clothes were excessive at times. I wished the heroine had at least considered the idea of professional counseling. I didn’t care for the double-standard regarding their relationships with their parents (can’t say more without spoilers). While I understood the heroine’s reluctance to become involved, her internal monologues could be repetitive. I liked the h/h individually and as a couple. I also liked the secondary romance and wished they’d had more actual page time. There were parts I enjoyed, but parts felt paint-by-numbers. Overall an uneven read.

The Shoe Challenge
Snow shoes – Winter wear. Read a romance that takes place primarily in the winter or that has a winter scene on the cover.
Cowboy SEAL Christmas by Nicole Helm – cover has winter scene:
The heroine’s USAF husband had been killed in a helicopter accident when their son was an infant. She’d relocated to Montana with her now ten-year-old son in the first book of this trilogy. She was a therapist who specialized in treating PTSD. It took time for me to warm up to the hero as he could be a jerk, but I did grow to like him. I also liked the relationship he developed with the heroine’s son. But it was the heroine who made the book work. The hero had a lot of baggage, but even though she helped him it was clear she was never operating as his therapist. I appreciated that she had multiple conversations with him and others about the ethical obligations of therapists. Overall a nice blend of angst and humor and found family dynamics.

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