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Continuing with the Rights & Responsibilities Challenge:

3) Donate blood.
 Read a romance involving characters in the medical field in which one protagonist or both are doctors, nurses, EMTs, physical therapists, or work in some capacity for a hospital, clinic, or veterinary practice. Or read a romance in which one or both of our protagonists is suffering from an illness or is living with a disability.

For this part of the challenge, I turned to Jana Aston’s Wrong, published in 2015.

At 268 pages long, Wrong is a pretty quick read. The action is set in Philadelphia. Our heroine, Sophie, is a 21 year old University of Pennsylvania senior, studying business accounting, who also works part-time, off campus, as a barista. For the past few weeks, a new customer has been picking up his coffee every Tuesday morning and Sophie makes a point of waiting on him. Luke has to be 10 to 15 years older and he appears to be a professional man, but Sophie enjoys fantasizing about this drop dead handsome man. Her friend and co-worker, however, thinks Sophie should take the plunge and have sex with the college guy she’s been dating, especially since Sophie is still a virgin. Sophie agrees — sort of — and makes an appointment at the campus clinic to get a prescription for the pill. Still, she’s nervous about this move since she’s the daughter of a young college girl who got pregnant at 18 and she doesn’t want history to repeat itself.

At the clinic, Sophie learns that a doctor who is the head of the Obstetrics Dept. at Baldwin Hospital will be seeing her since he volunteers his time once a week at the clinic. Lo and behold, when he steps in the examination room, Sophie discovers that the doctor is her fantasy man who buys coffee from her every Tuesday. Luke recognizes Sophie as well, which leads to an embarrassing but interesting examination. This turns out to be the first of a few accidental meetings, which finally leads to Sophie doing something she never dreamed — hooking up with her now *former* doctor, a suave, wealthy, sophisticated man who teaches her more than just how to use contraceptives.

I had mixed feelings about this book. On the plus side, it definitely was a fast read and the heroine is very likable and her thoughts are often amusing. She was bound and determined to enjoy Luke and not expect anything, especially considering the disparity in their age and positions in life. I also enjoyed the book’s setting since I grew up around Philadelphia and was also a student at University of Pennsylvania. I could picture everything and although the author didn’t get into too much detail, she generally got the lay of the land right.

On the downside, this story gave me a Fifty Shades of Grey vibe. The imbalance between Sophie and Luke is pretty clear — in age, income, background, etc. — and, because Sophie is a virgin, Luke is definitely more dominant, both in bed and out of it. There’s some light BDSM — no where near what was in the Fifty Shades book — but I’m not really into that so I found the light smacks and some of the so-called “sexy” talk, not to my liking. I just don’t get off on a man calling a woman a “filthy, little b*t*h,” or any type of a b*t*h. There are also a couple of subplots — one involving the usual, evil former girlfriend and another involving someone from Sophie’s past, that were introduced but not really explored to my satisfaction. Since the book was comparatively short, there certainly was room to expand on these characters and make the story richer. I think I’ll give this a B-.


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