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The Shoe Challenge
Shaft – The upper portion of a boot that covers the ankle and sometimes the leg. Read a book where the h/h have been “shafted” in some way (cheating former spouse, robbed of an inheritance etc.)
Rainy Day Friends by Jill Shalvis – heroine discovers her husband was a bigamist after he’s died:
The widowed heroine was starting a new temporary job at a California winery. The hero was a deputy sheriff and happy to not be working at his family’s winery. He was divorced with twin daughters and determined not to fall in love again since his marriage had ended badly. She felt she couldn’t trust her own judgment after discovering her husband had been married to multiple other women when he died. I liked the secondary romance but their relationship had a more paint-by-numbers feel. The switching back and forth between the two romances often felt jarring as the separate story arcs didn’t always flow together. There was plenty of humor, but much of it missed the mark for me. The main hero’s family had no sense of personal boundaries which was addressed in the text somewhat. I liked his twins, but they were too often used to precociously move the plot forward. I wish we’d seen more of the dog. I liked the friendship that developed between the main and secondary heroines. Despite the numerous issues the main h/h and their romance made this an enjoyable read.

Easy Eighteen Challenge (The Whittler)
Wyoming Cowboy Justice by Nicole Helm:
The detective heroine viewed the on-going hundred-year-old feud between her family and the hero’s family as stuff and nonsense. She was a police detective with a murder to solve. The hero owned a saloon and was the de facto leader of his family. I quite liked the heroine, but the hero was too often an arrogant jerk. Though he admitted to himself he was being a jerk and eventually apologized to the heroine for one incident, his attitude and continued interference in her investigation was extremely irksome. The mystery was mostly an excuse to throw the h/h together which sadly had the heroine looking inept at her job solely for plot purposes so the hero could be the one to come to the rescue. Despite my issues with the hero I mostly liked their romance and the HEA worked. I also liked some of the secondary characters so I am looking forward to further books in this new series.

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