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The Alphabet Challenge Variation
G = Temptation from the Past by Cindy Gerard:
The reporter hero did not remember the heroine even though eighteen years earlier he’d written a series of exploitative articles about her and her mother. The heroine was a lawyer and children’s advocate. He wanted to interview her after seeing her deliver the keynote speech at a conference on child abuse. This book was first published in 1991, but the hero’s sense of entitlement at thinking he wouldn’t settle for her icy reception was off putting. He knew she was leery of him yet continued to not take no for an answer just because he was attracted to her. We knew from his POV scenes that he truly admired her and felt she had a sense of conviction and purpose. The fact her secretary knew about her past and kept hounding on her to go out with the hero was also irksome. Knowing he’d given up the idea for an article, but that he was still pursuing her for a date the heroine decided to go out with him figuring he’d soon lose interest. But of course things didn’t go according to either of their plans. The hero knew he’d led a life of privilege. Yet even when he was inspired to help a young boy who had vandalized the heroine’s office, it was his sister and brother-in-law who became foster parents since he wasn’t married so not considered a viable candidate by the court. Things improved somewhat in the middle when the hero finally stopped pushing to have everything his way. Sadly when he found out the truth he was angry with her rather than himself. Then she was the one who ended up apologizing which was ridiculous. Some good moments, but more disappointing than not.

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