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Easy Eighteen Challenge (The Whittler)
The Boss by Abigail Owen:
The heroine was tied to a set of mysterious fires. She’d recently moved across the country to get away from a stalker. The hero was a dragon shapeshifter. He still felt guilty as a few hundred years before he’d been chosen in the mating ceremony, but since both he and his prospective mate had been wrong his fire had killed her. The world building was clarified with more details, but there were still plenty of unanswered questions. I hope the disparity in the way the dragon society treats women will be more thoroughly addressed in later books. I would like to see the hero’s brother from the introductory novella return. There were too many scenes from a supposed bad guy’s POV as well as the POV of a traitor within the hero’s group. I hope the subplot with the traitor will be answered sooner rather than later, but I’m guessing it will be part of the overarching plot for a while. The issues I had were with the world building rather than the characters. So an uneven read, but one I enjoyed overall.

The Catchphrase Challenge
“Heigh Ho, Silver, Away!” The Lone Ranger (The Lone Ranger) – Read a Western romance or a book with a cowboy, rancher or farmer.
Wyoming Cowboy Protection by Nicole Helm – hero is a rancher:
The heroine was on the run and had turned to a distant cousin for help. She worked as the housekeeper for the hero. Her decision to not tell her cousin, who was a cop, or the hero anything about who or why she was on the run was extremely irksome. Supposedly she was protecting them, but it came across as her acting foolishly just to provide conflict in the story. The suspense plot had some interesting twists, but was also all over the map so ultimately did not work for me. The bad guys were capable and clever up until they were easily captured or killed. The main villain was a one-dimensional mustache-twirling caricature, but even he managed to outsmart the good guys when needed for the plot. The h/h each thought the other was too good for them. The baby was often conveniently out of the way. The characters had potential, but a disappointing read.

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