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Easy Eighteen Challenge (The Whittler) – Novellas
Star Cruise: Mystery Dancer by Veronica Scott:
The heroine was an imperial princess on the run from assassins. She took a job as a backup dancer on a luxury cruise liner. The hero worked in security on the ship. Their romance happened quickly but didn’t feel rushed. I wish there had been more emphasis on their relationship as the story mainly focused on her efforts to escape from the planet where we met her and get to her great aunt who had a court-in-exile. The story’s blurb was somewhat misleading, but I was glad that the conflict was not what was implied. Overall this was a fun story with a likeable h/h and a mischievous “pet cat.” As always, it was nice to see the crew of the ship again.

The Catchphrase Challenge
“Did I do that?” Urkel, (Family Matters) – Read a romance told from first person point of view.
The Arrows of the Heart by Jeffe Kennedy:
In previous books the supposedly charming hero came off as more of a jerk, so I was relieved he owned up to his poor behavior early on. The h/h were sent on a secret mission. The heroine was struggling to find herself after having escaped from Dasnaria. The hero had his own baggage to deal with, but this was very much the heroine’s story. There was a nice blend of humor, adventure, and angst. This book answered several questions for the overarching plot and opened others. While I liked the romance overall it was the heroine and her journey of self-discovery and self-reliance which made the book work. Another solid entry in this series.

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