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Easy Eighteen Challenge (The Whittler)
Saving Hearts by Rebecca Crowley:
The h/h were college acquaintances who’d had a one-night stand on New Year’s Eve. They met again months later at a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting. The heroine had recently been appointed the first Director of Ethics and Advocacy for the Championship Soccer League. The hero was a goalie warming the bench to ride out his contract after his gambling habits were exposed along with several other high-profile athletes when an online betting site was hacked. As a gold-medal winning former player she wanted to expand opportunities for women at the professional level in soccer. The hero used statistics and analysis to calm his anxiety. Though he’d already served a three-month suspension, her new boss wanted to make an example of the hero to show they were tough on gambling. The h/h each threatened the other with no intention of following through, but called a truce when teammates’ injuries suddenly meant he was back on the starting lineup. She didn’t do serious relationships. He didn’t want to become involved with someone so entrenched in the sport he was being forced to leave behind. A very enjoyable book filled with humor and a touch of angst as well as unexpected twists and surprises. After a contentious start the romance ended up being an endearing exploration of two strong-willed, complex characters learning to be vulnerable and trust each other.

What the Dead Know by Kylie Brant: The sheriff heroine had been a homicide cop in Chicago, so the hero’s insistence on treating her as a damsel in distress multiple times got on my last nerve. The hero was a medical examiner turned investigator. Their romance took a definite backseat to the mystery plot. The main villain was obvious and the red herrings made the otherwise very competent h/h look foolish at times. I wished the page time given to the villain’s POV and his joy of torture had instead been used to further develop the relationship between the h/h. I liked the heroine and her bff. I also liked what there was of the romance. But overall a middle-of-the-road read.

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