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Easy Eighteen Challenge (The Whittler)
Timtur: The Teacher’s Alien Healer by Veronica Scott:
This story was set earlier in the series than the previous few books. The alien bad guy was the usual proverbial mustache-twirling evil scientist. There was an additional baddie as well as a few misguided packmates. The hero had put off declaring his feelings for fear they would interfere with his duties. When the heroine was kidnapped he spent a lot of page time regretting his inaction. Thankfully he also actually apologized to the heroine once they were reunited. I liked the h/h both individually and as a couple and wished this story had worked better for me overall. After a slow start the book improved in the middle, but the ending felt rushed. The issues I had were plot-related not character-related. I enjoyed parts, but it was missing something.

Happy Medium by Meg Benjamin: The heroine was a production assistant for a cable show with a fake medium. The hero was a carpenter and owned a restoration business. He agreed to allow the show to film at the house he was currently renovating. During a rehearsal, the fake medium unknowingly summoned a real ghost who was a succubus. Neither the hero nor heroine believed in ghosts so were each reluctant to admit what they’d seen. It was nice to see the hero’s sister and her dog again but then she conveniently had to leave. The heroine worked for an overly demanding boss but it was never explained why she put up with the boss’ behavior. The characters did not communicate with each other and the hero acted foolishly solely to move the plot along. It took them entirely too long to spot the really obvious clue. Once the villain was defeated the ending felt rushed. A likeable h/h, but overall an uneven read.

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