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Easy Eighteen Challenge (The Whittler) – Novellas
Hearts in Extra Time by Rebecca Crowley:
This story was set at Christmas time, but the holidays were not a focus. After being dumped a few months before her wedding, the heroine went on her non-refundable honeymoon cruise by herself. Winter weather caused the delay and eventual cancellation of her flight home. She met the hero in the airport. She was a workaholic lawyer. He was a professional soccer player, self-described as “one of the lesser lights on a team packed with stars.” He didn’t do committed relationships. They agreed to a one-night stand which then stretched into a few days when they rented a car to drive to Atlanta. The romance was rushed time-wise but felt fully explored. They each had reasons for their outlook on life yet knew they needed to make changes. A nice blend of humor and angst with two complex characters with seemingly opposite approaches to life. A very enjoyable read.

Easy Eighteen Challenge (The Whittler)
Wyoming Christmas Ransom by Nicole Helm:
The hero was convinced his estranged wife’s death two years earlier had been murder. The heroine was the county coroner. She’d enabled the hero’s search for justice but was determined to cut off her help since he was seemingly not moving on. When the hero’s car was tampered with she and her deputy sheriff cousin realized he’d been right all along. The mystery was intriguing, but the reasons the h/h had for insisting on investigating things themselves was weak at best and resulted in them each making a number of foolish decisions simply to further the plot. The book improved in the second half though the resolution to the mystery plot was both rushed and jumbled. Despite these issues, I liked the h/h. Their romance was charming and made the story work.

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