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Easy Eighteen Challenge (The Whittler)
Act Like It by Lucy Parker:
The premise of the stage manager and agents setting up a fake romance to help the hero’s public image was fanciful. I liked that neither the h/h wanted to go along with it at first and that the heroine stood her ground to get what she wanted. Even though his actions had been exaggerated by the press and we learned his reasons, it was disconcerting that so many of the supporting characters continued to give the hero a free pass for his behavior simply because he was such a talented actor. Even though the story was primarily set behind the scenes at the theatre it came off as superficial much of the time as the details were off and unrealistic. Despite these issues, I enjoyed the h/h. I liked that they became friends somewhat before becoming involved. I also liked that she wouldn’t put with his attitude and that he both acknowledged his privilege and made an effort to, if not change, at least be more aware. There was a lot of humor, a touch of angst, and overall just a sense of fun. A charming romance.

The Catchphrase Challenge
“Book ’em, Danno.” McGarrett, (Hawaii Five-0) – Read a romance with h/h who work in law enforcement.
Deep as the Dead by Kylie Brant – hero is a RCMP Sgt:
The h/h had been married twenty years earlier. Reunion romance plots can be tricky but it worked here as their reasons for splitting up even though they were still in love were believable and they’d each moved on with their lives in the intervening years. The focus was very much on the serial killer which left little room to explore their romance. Too much page time was spent in the villain’s POV. The mystery was uneven and the ending very rushed. Since the emphasis was on the case I wish we’d had an epilogue or more time spent with the h/h actually together. I liked the h/h, both individually and as a couple, so wanted more for them.

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