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Easy Eighteen Challenge (The Whittler) – Novellas
The Dragons of Summer by Jeffe Kennedy:
This story featured my favorite couple of this series. While they were firmly together at the end of their full-length book and their HEA never in doubt as they were totally devoted to one another, there were lingering questions due to the political upheaval in the overarching story. I was very happy to finally have the hero’s POV. A lovely blend of angst, humor, and longing with a side trip down memory lane, this novella not only encompassed the wonderful romance, but gave another glimpse into the story of his eldest sister as well as showcased the hero’s complicated relationship with one of his older brothers. We briefly caught up with a few other favorite characters as well but the relationship between the h/h was very much center stage. A delightful read.

A Second Shot by Shannon Stacey: This novella read like it should be a sequel to the hero’s sister story. (I’ve read everything by this author and it’s not. However, there is one book listed in the “also by” page that I cannot find for sale anywhere and is not mentioned on her website, so maybe it was delayed or something). The hero was a hockey player who found a small dog just before Christmas. The heroine was his ex-girlfriend who happened to be the veterinarian on duty at the animal clinic he took the dog to. The hero regretted having let the heroine go and took their unexpected reunion as a sign to show her he’d changed. I just wish he’d done more actual demonstrating so on page rather than simply thinking about it a lot. There were several subplots which felt underdeveloped. The h/h were both likeable and I enjoyed it overall, but I wish the story had been longer.

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