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Easy Eighteen Challenge (The Whittler)
Deceiving Dante by Kate Davies:
The heroine was a high school teacher. The hero was a police detective with the juvenile crimes division. They met when a stolen car showed up on her front lawn. He suspected one of her at risk students. The excuses used to throw them repeatedly together were flimsy at best. The subplot about the hero’s teen daughter becoming conveniently involved with the suspected student took up too much page time. The teenagers came off more as caricatures than three-dimensional characters. It was extremely vexing that the hero wouldn’t have an actual conversation with his daughter and all too often ignored her simply to further the plot. The real culprit was obvious from the moment they were first mentioned. I liked the heroine and there were a few enjoyable moments. However, the teenagers’ antics, the fact the hero acted like a jerk too often, and the anticlimactic resolution made for a very disappointing read overall.

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