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The 20th Century Challenge
1982 = Midsummer Dreams by Amalia James (published May 1982):
The heroine had given up on her acting career and recently returned to Massachusetts to run her grandparents’ inn. The hero was a Broadway director with a reputation as a user. He was in town for the summer to stage a series of outdoor plays. The hero seemed to resent the attraction he felt for the heroine and spent most of the book alternately insulting, ignoring, or kissing her. The heroine was attracted to the hero despite her determination to not like him. Cue forced proximity, multiple misunderstandings, and angst. One of the subplots involving two of the supporting characters had a totally out of the blue resolution and the subplot with her grandparents was tedious. The book felt dated at times, both the h/h’s attitudes could be irksome, and the hero definitely needed to grovel more, but I liked parts.

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