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The Alphabet Challenge Variation
A = Storm Warning by Toni Anderson:
I read this author’s Sea of Suspicion back in 2010. I didn’t realize this book was connected since they were both marketed/labeled as stand-alones back when I purchased them. I was also expecting another romantic suspense so was surprised by the paranormal elements. The heroine was working on her PhD. The hero suspected her of being part of a drug ring. He knew it was unethical to become romantically involved and the hero had legitimate reasons to suspect her, but he also jumped to conclusions and looked for ulterior motives, so my sympathy was more with the heroine. Despite the shaky bed of lies their relationship was built on, their HEA was believable. There were too many scenes from the villain’s POV and their identity obvious from early on. I enjoyed the Scottish setting and characters more than the suspense plot.

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