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The 19 in 19 Phonics Challenge
N for nutrition — Read a romance in which the heroine and/or hero is a chef, baker, caterer, etc, or owns a restaurant, diner, bakery, etc.
Dancing Season by Carla Neggers – heroine is a chef:
The heroine’s boyfriend was a ballet star in town for the summer season. She wanted to make their relationship permanent but was ambivalent about moving to NYC since she’d just opened her own café and bakery. Things became complicated when her older brother’s bff suddenly took an interest in her as well. The heroine’s brothers, sister-in-law, bff, and mother all treated her shabbily at varying points. I loathed the so-called hero. Published in 1983, there was an old-school vibe to the story, but there was never any kind of forced seduction and it was refreshing that the heroine and her bff both had sex lives beyond the “heroes” they ended up with and no one batted an eye. But the hero’s attitude and behavior was irksome, even more so since we were meant to see him as one of the good guys (can’t say more without major spoilers). A very disappointing read.

And The Award Goes To… Challenge
A Beautiful Mind (2001) — Read a romance with lead characters who are involved in academia in some way and/or set at a college or university; a romance in which a main character is battling a mental handicap or condition. Or, read a new adult romance.
Finding Abigail by Carrie Ann Ryan — heroine is a teacher:
This was obviously part of a series, but I didn’t read any of the earlier books. The hero was a small-town sheriff. He didn’t believe in love which proved an issue when he turned into one of Cupid’s helpers. The heroine planned to leave town as she felt she had no future there. Neither knew a curse was preventing him from seeing her as his one true love. The premise was interesting, but the book fell apart early on. The villain was cartoonish. Something happened to the heroine, but the repercussions weren’t actually explored. There were multiple mentions from the h/h about how she was not like other girls. Another disappointing read.

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