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And The Award Goes To… Challenge
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) — Read a romance in which at least one of the main characters is a member of the nobility; read a fantasy romance; or read a romance which is part of a series of any romantic sub-genre.
Oria’s Enchantment by Jeffe Kennedy — fantasy, h/h both members of the nobility:
The long-awaited penultimate book in this series had a slow start, but soon picked up. The h/h continued their journey along with her dragon familiar and his stalwart warhorse. Of course things did not go according to their plans. The heroine had to face her greatest fear. The normally optimistic hero briefly lost faith in himself. I appreciated that the h/h talked through their issues for the most part so there were no convenient misunderstandings simply to cause conflict. While the political machinations of others ultimately drove the plot, it was in the background for much of the story. The focus was more on the h/h each coming to terms with themselves. The hero’s mother was a welcomed addition to the ensemble. The latter half of the story had some interesting twists and the ending definitely left me wanting more. Looking forward to the final book.

The 19 in 19 Phonics Challenge
I for ignite — Read a “hot” or erotic romance. Or read a romance where the heroine and/or hero is a fireman.
Flare Up by Shannon Stacey — hero is a fireman:
We first met this h/h earlier in this series. Their initial romance and breakup was a subplot in books four and five, so it was nice they finally had their own story. The heroine’s reasons for leaving were understandable as was the hero’s initial reluctance to trust her again. Yet their feelings for one another were an undeniable force neither could ignore, so they were determined to give their relationship another try. Their road to learning to trust again and communicate more effectively was filled with angst, joy, and humor. The story also focused on their friendships, so catching up with the large cast of characters from earlier books was well-integrated. I appreciated the way the subplot about her ex was resolved (trying to avoid spoilers). Overall, a wonderful reunion romance and fitting conclusion to the Boston Fire series.

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