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The 19 in 19 Phonics Challenge
H for health — Read a romance where the heroine and/or hero is involved with the health services industry, e.g. doctor, nurse, paramedic, physical therapist, etc.
Heart on a String by Carla Neggers – hero is a heart surgeon:
The heroine’s father and sister had asked the hero to look in on her when he went to Boston to give a keynote speech. She had dropped out of medical school to become a puppeteer so was considered kooky by her über-successful family. The h/h were immediately attracted, but she felt he would eventually see her as inappropriate and/or all of his time would be dedicated to his career as her father’s had been. The hero did not have any POV scenes and his behavior was kept deliberately opaque so most of the issues were the heroine’s. Since he rarely reacted the way she assumed he would, most of the issues then seemed to be only in her head. I enjoyed the heroine’s relationships with her parents and siblings and her growing understanding that they were truly proud of her and didn’t begrudge her change of career the way she’d believed. The romance was engaging with plenty of humor, but the lack of communication solely to cause conflict made this a middle-of-the-road read overall.

And The Award Goes To… Challenge
Grand Hotel (1932) — Read a romance that’s set at a hotel or a romance where the characters are strangers who meet in a group
In the Dark by Judith Arnold — set at a fictional hotel:
I purchased the multi-author Hotel Marchand series for the 12-in-2012 Midnight Challenge but it’s remained buried in my TBR pile. In this first book, the hero had been hired to protect the heroine, unbeknownst to her. A lot of page time was taken up introducing future lead characters as well as setting up the on-going mystery. The heroine thought the emails she was receiving were a joke and refused to tell anyone or ask for help. The hero often lectured himself about how unethical it was to become involved with her, but did anyway and so needed to grovel more. I liked the h/h when they weren’t acting daft just to move the plot along, but overall I wanted to like the book more than I did. A disappointing read.

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