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Continuing with the 2019 Alphabet Variation Challenge:

Letter “A”

For the letter “A,” I decided to read my first Jennifer Armentrout novel. The book is called “Wait for You,” published in 2013, and she’s writing under the name J. Lynn.

19 year old Avery Morgansten, who is from a wealthy Texas family, decides to travel to West Virginia to attend college. Her decision to go so far out of state is driven by an incident that happened when she was 14. Sexually assaulted by the son of her parents’ friends, Avery is pressured to not press charges, to take a pay-off, and sign a non-disclosure agreement. But the incident was known in the community and Avery suffers censure and derision. At the college in West Virginia, Avery keeps to herself. However, in her Astronomy class she literally runs into a young man who looks like just the kind of guy Avery has vowed to sidestep. Cameron Hamilton is popular, handsome, and looks like a jock. Cameron is attracted to Avery, wants to get to know her, and tries his best to draw her out. But doing so is a long, difficult process and Cameron has his own past demons to overcome, which might frighten Avery away.

What I liked about this story is that this is a romance that was well-earned. This couple really struggled to be and remain together (on Cameron’s part) and to trust (on Avery’s part). There were a number of set backs and, at times, I became impatient with Avery. She obviously had a lot to overcome and was still being tortured by her past, sometimes literally, but through her distrust and fear, she pushed people beyond what one might think they could endure and put up with her. For that reason I gave this story a “B+”. However, I believed in their romance and could see them making it together.


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