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Letter “L”

For the letter L, I decided to read Tempting the Billionaire by Jessica Lemmon, published in 2013. I got this at the 2014 RT book conference, so I thought it was about time I read it.

Crickett Day’s 10 year marriage has gone on the skids, her husband telling her he doesn’t love her anymore. As a result Crickett decides to make a complete break and leave her marriage as well as her direct marketing job, even though she had been moving up in the company. The combination of ending her marriage and her job leaves Crickett devastated. So, her friend, Sadie, who is also suffering from a break-up, convinces Crickett to go out to a club and meet new people. And, that’s exactly what happens. At the club, Crickett and Sadie meet Shane August and his cousin Aiden. Shane is the CEO of a company that advises and nurtures other businesses. Although extremely successful professionally, he is not so successful in his personal life, due to issues from his childhood which have stunted his ability to commit to a relationship. Shane finds himself attracted to this emotionally fragile woman. He zones in on her need for a new job and offers a position as his personal assistant. Crickett also finds Shane attractive, but she’s not sure she’s ready for a new job. Still, she decides to interview just for the practice and ends up getting hired. In no time whatsoever, Crickett proves herself valuable to Shane, but she also tempts him in ways that are not only inappropriate as her employer, but impossible considering his inability to commit. As for Crickett, she’s growing more and more personally interested in her “all business” boss as they exchange longing looks and, eventually, a lot more. Will Crickett be able to unearth Shane’s demons and convince him to commit?

Tempting the Billionaire is a pretty standard boss/assistant romance. I’ve read a number of these over the years. But, I must admit that I was more sensitive than ever to how inappropriate Shane and Crickett’s growing relationship would be in the real world. I tried to push that away and focus on the characters’ motivations. While I could understand why Shane was reluctant to form a permanent relationship, I actually didn’t find it as compelling as I did Crickett’s issues. She was raw from a recent devastating break-up. But, Shane? I just couldn’t buy that he had been so scarred by his father’s effects on him to the point that he could *never* move beyond it. I think I would give this book a B-.

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