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I’m not sure if anyone is still checking this thread, or if anyone is left watching after the way this season has been going. I did think if any people would be feeling what I am and want to commiserate they would be hear at AAR.

It sounds quite dramatic and unlike me in general to say this, but I am heartbroken over season eight. I am someone who has read the books before and followed the show since it’s inception. I’ve defended the show at times even when they went too far with plot lines or made changes that seemed strange or nonsensical. What the show runners have done with characters and plot lines has left me dumbfounded and sad. While I can’t say this is what George R.R. Martin has plotted for the ending of the books (he has said he thinks the show will end substantially similarly to what he plans for the books) I cannot imagine it all plays out as it does on the screen.

All along GRRM has said his ending would be “bittersweet” and I would expect nothing less. Game Of Thrones has never been about “Disney” perfect endings and shows I really admired such as Mad Men wrapped their arcs up with joy and sorrow. There were happy people, sad people, disappointed people, people who earned redemption and those who didn’t. Not every character got what they deserved, but they did get a logical, well thought out ending true to who their characters had been over the many years of the show. Matthew Weiner truly loved and understood all the characters he created and it showed with the respect he paid each one.

To have Daenerys turn from the liberator of slaves, savior of Westeros with her sacrifices to fight the Night King and his army to a genocidal maniac who decides in a split second to burn thousands of innocent people alive because her boyfriend won’t kiss her and he’s more “popular” than her, was not only jarring it is sickening. It’s all too clear at this point that the man she loves, another white male hero, will kill her next week. So the two most powerful women on the show are both “Mad Queens” that must be put down like rabid animals to save Westeros.

Never mind that Tyrion is a character that murdered his father horribly in a rage and strangled his faithless lover. He was never “mad” though! He was justifiably angry! He is a calm and wonderful man whose sage advice should be heeded. Those were just random acts and not indicative of who he is.

The week before we got the joy of seeing Brienne, arguably the strongest female character with the most honor and sense of self, reduced to crying and begging Jaime not to leave her to return to his incestuous relationship.

I don’t know how the show runners missed the optics of making every person of color left on the show (Grey Worm, The Unsullied and the Dothraki) into war criminals (with only the “white guys” Jon, Tyrion and Davos not joining in the slaughter), and turning Dany into a homicidal mess during mental health awareness month. In the end it looks like some council of all white men will be running Westeros once they have purged it of crazy women and people of color.

Somehow I expected better.