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Maggie Boyd
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I’m very disappointed in how Season 8 has gone. I am not completely surprised by Dany burning the city to the ground since Missandei said dracarys as her final word. She asked Dany to burn the place, Dany agreed. I am unhappy that they are setting her up to be a “Mad Queen” and not accepting that she maybe had a right to her behavior. The common people did not overthrow Cersi and wanting to surrender after supporting a vile dictator for several years doesn’t impress me all that much. War is horrible. It’s sad that so many died. I still don’t think that makes Dany a lunatic.

Ned Stark, remember him? Used to decapitate men who deserted their places on the wall. They had a job they hadn’t wanted, in a place they didn’t want to live in and he killed them for fleeing. First episode, season 1. Nobody called him crazy. Dany kills people who refuse to bend the knee? Clearly she’s a lunatic.

I did understand Dany being upset with Jon. She asked him to tell no one and the next thing she knows her entire council has heard his “secret”. She knows Sansa doesn’t want her as queen. She doubtless fears that Sansa’s whispers about Jon will turn quickly into yet another fight with the Westerosi people over the throne. She has already seen how the people of the North call him a king. After all she’s been through, is it really so awful that she doesn’t want a rebellion? Is she really so wrong to demand a bit of loyalty? Didn’t Rob Stark kill people for disloyalty, by beheading Lord Carstark? Why do the men get away with this and the woman get accused of lunacy the minute they do anything that isn’t sweetly forgiving?

I was very sad about Jamie going back to Cersei and angry that Cersei died the way she did. I wanted Dany to feed her to a dragon, Tyrion to shoot her with an arrow, anything but what I got. I was furious with the whole Brienne story line but then I had been team Tormund Giantsbane all the way. I felt he really cared for her and liked their dynamic. Jamie was too mercurial for me. The writers couldn’t decide who they wanted him to be but I see they finally decided on complete a$$ hat as the answer.

I started these books in 2000. I have been waiting to see who sits on the Iron Throne for close to two decades and now that the moment is upon me, I’m sad rather than excited. I don’t want a man on that throne. I would have no trouble with it if it weren’t for the fact that it came down to two women years ago and now suddenly, out of nowhere, it looks like a white guy will be king. I’ll watch next week but seriously, this sucks.