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    • Nan De Plume
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      Hello, AAR writers and writing hopefuls!

      I know we have a number of romance writers among the ranks at AAR, both published and those working on getting published. So, when I received a newsletter call for erotic short story submissions from The New Smut Project this morning, I simply had to share it.

      The New Smut Project is a small press dedicated to publishing diverse, feminist, body positive erotic short stories brimming with enthusiastic consent. For their fourth anthology, they are looking for creative uses of rich language, epistolary works, and naughty takes on public domain classics. Stories may take place in any time period- past, present, or future. This particular historical suggestion got my attention: “write an epistolary story collecting the steamy letters a 19th century abolitionist sent to his boyfriend.” Sounds intriguing!

      Since there are a lot of AAR readers and writers who are seeking diverse love stories, maybe someone here would like to try his/her hand at this anthology call. I made the longlist for their last anthology, and the editor was super nice. So, if you have a diverse, steamy HR idea that can be encapsulated within 6,000 words, I’d really encourage you to give it a shot. The deadline is September 1st.

      Submission guidelines are available on The New Smut Project’s Tumblr page (sorry, can’t post a link!). The name of the project is “Cunning Linguists” (tee hee), so you can Google it if you want.

      I hope some of the writers and literary hopefuls here at AAR will take advantage of this paying opportunity! It’s not easy to find venues for romantic and erotic work with a literary bent.

    • chrisreader
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      I have never written any fiction for publication but I love reading these submission requests. I find them so interesting.

      • Nan De Plume
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        Thanks, Chrisreader. I try not to be too much of a nuisance about it, but when romance and erotica opportunities crop up, I like to give fellow romance readers/writers a heads up. If not to submit to the project, to at least to be aware of it for when it is released. There’s not one big website that houses all these submission requests, so I learn about things in dribs and drabs. We freelancers often have to sniff out opportunities ourselves! I only learned about this anthology call because I was longlisted for their last one, which I originally found rooting around the internet. The editors gave nice feedback, which they let me use as semi review material when I self-published. So I can vouch for their niceness in case you change your mind about submitting or want to pass along the news. :-)

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