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      I am a longtime reader of historical romance novels, and have so many memories of great books I read back in the 80s. The problem is I can’t remember the title or author of a lot of them that I would love to read again. Here’s the plot of one – does anyone know what the title might be?

      Two brothers-possibly Scottish- show up at the secluded home in a forest of a man, his sick wife, and at least two daughters. One of the brothers may be named Tarquin. The two daughters are kind of wild, but one has been possibly sexually assaulted and doesn’t speak. The ailing mother dies- and I think they may have been the hero/heroine from another book. The two brothers marry the two daughters. It seems like this happens after a war, and it is set in America- I think. The time period is the 18th or 19th century.

      Any thoughts on what the name of this book might be??? I am grateful for any suggestions!

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