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  • Dabney Grinnan
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    I’ve been thinking about this list for myself and how fluid it is. I suspect that’s not true though for most romance readers. Thoughts?

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    Hating Game by Sally Thorne
    Slightly Dangerous by Mary Balogh
    Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
    Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase
    As You Desire by Connie Brockway

    library addict
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    I agree the top 5 are somewhat fluid. Reading tastes can change over time plus (hopefully) new gems are discovered.

    For today my top 5 (in no particular order):

    • Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh
    • Memory in Death by JD Robb
    • Show No Mercy by Cindy Gerard
    • Ravished by Amanda Quick
    • Love a Little Sideways by Shannon Stacey

    Though as before I could easily list my top 5 favorite Psy/Changeling books or my top 5 favorite In Death books, but stuck to the “rules” and just listed one each.

    Dabney Grinnan
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    Wow! I haven’t read any of those. There are just too many of the Death books! I read the first one and then got intimidated.

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    I think my list can be fluid in terms of specific books-depending on my mood and what I have recently read or re-read, but the authors take longer to change.

    For instance Joanna Bourne would top my list for sure, but I could go back and forth between a few of hers in terms of which is my absolute favorite on that particular day. Lisa Kleypas is another author where I would be hard pressed to pick just one out of all her books that I enjoyed most. Ditto Quick/Krentz/Castle etc. Meredith Duran’s spot would be a battle between my most favored few and don’t even get me going on Carla Kelly- some days I can’t decide which of hers is my favorite just among her “Marrying” trilogy. Bec McMaster is another author with many well loved choices for me in a few different series. Probably each author could take up the top five on their own on a given day.

    Somewhere along the years Suzanne Brockmann got knocked out of my very top authors list. I can’t identify exactly when it happened, or when I stopped picking her books up to re-read, I just know now it happened. Linda Howard was someone I would periodically forget about in the rush of finding new authors, but would always enjoy again when I went back to re-read. Her writing style never got stale for me unlike some other authors like Garwood that I felt I “outgrew”.

    So I guess this is my windy way of saying my top five books could definitely change from day to day but my top authors are less fluid.

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