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    • Mark
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      This post is inspired by the top 5 thread, but I’m starting a separate thread since I’m not limiting myself to 5 titles. Listing top favorite reads is always a challenge, and any list naturally changes with time. With what I track from my reading, I can take two possible approaches.

      I have recorded a 5-star humor score for 48 romance books or stories since I started reading in the genre:
      alexander, victoria: the marriage lesson*****
      alexander, victoria: the pursuit of marriage*****
      craig, emma: rosamunda’s revenge*****
      crusie, jennifer: bet me*****
      davidson, maryjanice: undead and unwed*****
      davis, maggie: hustle, sweet love*****
      evanovich, janet: back to the bedroom*****
      evanovich, janet: smitten*****
      evanovich, janet: the rocky road to romance*****
      evanovich, janet: the grand finale*****
      evanovich, janet: love overboard[ivan takes a wife]*****
      garwood, julie: the lion’s lady*****
      holbrook, cindy: the missing brides*****
      holbrook, cindy: the missing matchmaker*****
      holbrook, cindy: the actress & the marquis*****
      holbrook, cindy: lord sayer’s ghost*****
      holbrook, cindy: a rake’s reform*****
      holbrook, cindy: the reluctant bride*****
      jensen, emma: what chloe wants*****
      jensen, trish: without a clue*****
      joy, dara: high energy*****
      krentz, jayne ann: summer in eclipse bay*****
      lansdowne, judith a.: lord nightingale’s triumph*****
      lansdowne, judith a.: mutiny at almack’s*****
      laurenston, shelly: the mane event*****
      leclaire, day: the nine-dollar daddy*****
      lynson, jane: the duke’s downfall*****
      macalister, katie: noble intentions*****
      martin, michelle: the mad miss mathley*****
      michaels, kasey: the tenacious miss tamerlane*****
      nelson, judith: the merry chase*****
      nelson, judith: patience is a virtue*****
      phillips, susan elizabeth: nobody’s baby but mine*****
      quick, amanda: ravished*****
      quinn, julia: brighter than the sun*****
      quinn, julia: to catch an heiress*****
      quinn, julia: how to marry a marquis*****
      reece, jean: the primrose path*****
      sands, lynsay: single white vampire*****
      smythe, sheridon: completely yours*****
      thompson, vicki lewis: operation gigolo*****
      tucker, bonnie: hannah’s hunks*****
      anthologies: cupid cats (km*****, cb***, vlt**.5)
      anthologies: highland fling (as, cm, jb*****, ls)
      anthologies: the night before christmas (va’’’, sh***, dj*****, nm*)
      anthologies: a season in the highlands (jd***, jb*****, gd**.5, pb*, pc**.5)
      anthologies: these boots were made for stomping (jk**, jl*****, mm**)
      anthologies: wish list (lk**.5, lc***, cd**, ls*****)
      I could try to pick a few favorites from this list, but the list below includes more than 5 from this list.

    • Mark
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      I’ve also kept a reading log since late in 1975, which I can parse & sort in various ways. One result is a list of the number of times I’ve read each book. (Most rereads are complete, but a few are partial.) This produces a form of favorites list, though one naturally biased toward older books I’ve had more years to reread. Cutting off at 12 readings produces a list of 49 titles, with slightly more romances than F&SF even though my log includes almost 20 years more of F&SF reading than romance reading:
      27 A Rake’s Reform (r) Holbrook, Cindy
      24 Ravished (r) Quick, Amanda
      24 Agent of Change (s) Lee, Sharon & Miller, Steve
      24 Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen (s) Piper, H. Beam
      23 Carpe Diem (s) Lee, Sharon & Miller, Steve
      22 The Secret (r) Garwood, Julie
      22 Black Sheep (r) Heyer, Georgette
      22 Conflict of Honors (s) Lee, Sharon & Miller, Steve
      21 The Mad Miss Mathley (r) Martin, Michelle
      20 The Lion’s Lady (r) Garwood, Julie
      19 Masters of Space (s) Smith, Edward E. & Evans, E. E.
      18 Lord Sayer’s Ghost (r) Holbrook, Cindy
      18 Restoree (s) McCaffrey, Anne
      18 Path of the Fury (s) Weber, David
      18 “Autumn Glory” (sr) Metzger, Barbara
      17 These Old Shades (r) Heyer, Georgette
      17 Christmas Wishes (r) Metzger, Barbara
      17 Dangerous (r) Quick, Amanda
      17 The I Inside (s) Foster, Alan Dean
      17 Subspace Explorers (s) Smith, Edward E.
      16 The Bride (r) Garwood, Julie
      16 Devil’s Cub (r) Heyer, Georgette
      16 A Planet for Texans (s) Piper, H. Beam & McGuire, John J.
      15 Scandal (r) Quick, Amanda
      15 Subspace Encounter (s) Smith, Edward E.

    • Mark
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      14 Elyza (r) Darcy, Clare
      14 The Corinthian (r) Heyer, Georgette
      14 The Actress & the Marquis (r) Holbrook, Cindy
      14 Deception (r) Quick, Amanda
      14 Mistress (r) Quick, Amanda
      14 The Shockwave Rider (s) Brunner, John
      14 The Stone That Never Came Down (s) Brunner, John
      14 The Apocalypse Troll (s) Weber, David
      14 Healer (s) Wilson, F. Paul
      13 Honor’s Splendour (r) Garwood, Julie
      13 Frederica (r) Heyer, Georgette
      13 Venetia (r) Heyer, Georgette
      13 The Duke’s Downfall (r) Lynson, Jane
      13 The Cruachan and the Killane (s) Cristabel

    • Mark
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      12 Laugh With Me, Love With Me (r) Damon, Lee
      12 The Unknown Ajax (r) Heyer, Georgette
      12 The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane (r) Michaels, Kasey
      12 Reality Forbidden (s) High, Philip E.
      12 The Cosmic Computer (s) Piper, H. Beam
      12 Skylark Duquesne (s) Smith, Edward E.
      12 Skylark of Valeron (s) Smith, Edward E.
      12 Heirs of Empire (s) Weber, David
      12 Mutineers’ Moon (s) Weber, David
      12 “The Present” (sr) Holbrook, Cindy
      While some of the romances on this list are also on the 5-star list, the overlap is not a majority of either list.

    • PegS
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      Mark, thanks for reposting this. I always find your lists useful when I’m in a reading rut.

    • Anne Gresley
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      I have my Top 100 on a pinterest board. Hope it’s okay to link to it:


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