Composite New Zealand PicFor those who don’t know, I’ve been living in New Zealand for the past two years.  Last week, I left. 

It’s no more than one stage of my life finishing, and another beginning.  But the memories created while at the bottom (or top?) of the world have been among the best in my life. 

Obviously there are some things I won’t miss.  The excessive drinking culture.  The reckless drivers.  The ridiculously expensive books. 

But no country is perfect, and I have nothing but fondness for the small country at the end of the world.  Five things I will miss the most:

  1. Being able to say “I live in New Zealand”.  I never get tired of it.
  2. The Australian jokes.  They’re hilarious.  And they remind me of Canadian jokes about the Americans.  (Sorry.)
  3. The food.  From pies to hamburgers, feijoas to kiwifruit, New Zealand is an odd hodgepodge of doing simple things well.  And man, I’ll miss the coffee.
  4. The land.  This country is beauty incarnate.  Although it is not 100% Pure, as advertised, it definitely comes close.  And finally, last, but never least…
  5. The people, friends and strangers.  The Kiwis have taught me a lot, and it would take more than a short blog to list what I have learnt, and who I have become, because of them.

Thank you, New Zealand.

— Jean AAR

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I live in Seattle, Washington and work as a legal assistant. I remember learning to read (comic strips) at a young age and nowadays try to read about 5-6 books a week. I love to travel, especially to Europe, and enjoy exploring smaller towns off the tourist track though London is my favorite city in the world.