Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful 2008, and I know that I’m looking forward to a good reading year of 2009. Based on the information already released by publishers, the year certainly looks promising.

By now, many have probably read the recent update from author Elizabeth Elliott. After a decade of waiting, it looks like Elliott’s next medieval romance will be coming to shelves at last. Here at AAR, we often get queries asking for news of Ms. Elliott, so after her update went out, I contacted her via email to get a little more detail for readers.

While she is still waiting to hear additional details from her editor, Elizabeth Elliott did get back in touch to let me know where things stood, and she sounded so very excited! As those who have followed Ms. Elliott’s website have seen, a long, frustrating bout of writer’s block kept her from her writing. However, her muse has returned and she is now back to her writing.

She has recently turned her latest novel, The Assassin in to her editor. Obviously, everyone would like to see it on shelves right away, but she indicates that its exact publication date will depend in part upon the extent of required revisions. In addition to The Assassin, Elliott has also another medieval romance in the works for fans to anticipate. This medieval fan is SO glad to hear it!

In each of her reader updates and in her email to me, Elliott has sounded absolutely elated to be back to writing again. After such a long period of writer’s block, she described her return to writing as something that “almost feels like a whole new career to me again.” Best of luck to Ms. Elliott on her return to writing! I know that her many fans will be very excited to see her work on shelves again.

It is a thrill to hear good news from an author that many readers have been missing. What authors do you miss and long to hear news of?

-Lynn Spencer

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