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Fool Me Once

She had no memory…

Except the disjointed /wp-content/uploads/oldsiteimages of murder.

Toni and Blair were friends once, or at least Blair had thought they were friends until Toni’s betrayal caused a botched sting operation that had nearly cost him his life. His misplaced trust in her had cost the lives of two of his friends.

Toni arrives back in Blair’s life under mysterious circumstances when she crashes her Porsche near his driveway. When she wakes after the accident she has no memory of her past except for the strange disconnected /wp-content/uploads/oldsiteimages of a murder scene that haunt her dreams.

Blair wants to take down Toni’s lover Farrell Hagen, the man responsible for the deaths of his friends. To do this Blair needs information he believes Toni can give him once she regains her memory. Desperate to keep Toni safe until she can give him the information he needs Blair tells Toni they were long time friends and had planned to spend the Christmas holidays together.

But the fraud he perpetrates takes on a life of its own and reality begins to pattern itself after his lie when this Toni is nothing like the Toni he knew before the accident and he finds himself emotionally and sexually attracted to her.

As they work together to try to piece together the meaning behind the disjointed scenes of a murder that haunt Toni’s dreams the attraction between them flares.

When they make love for the first time they learn that things can’t possibly be as they seem. This knowledge puts them on a collision course with death as they race to unlock the secrets of Toni’s mind before the killer comes for Toni.

Fool Me Once is published by Black Velvet Seductions

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Weaving stories has been a passion of Jessica’s for as long as she can remember. As a child she spent hours lost in the fictional worlds of her favorite authors. She also loved creating her own fictional worlds and acting them out with her fashion dolls. Her stories were elaborate and complete with costumes and cardboard sets.

As an adult Jessica brought her love of engineering fictional worlds into her novel writing. She now writes romance novels that focus on the journey of her characters to find love even when forces, circumstances, and villains are trying to wrench them apart.

Jessica enjoys writing stories in which the hero and heroine genuinely like each other or would have if circumstances were different. Jessica writes with a genlte voice that urges her characters toward realizing that they have deep feelings for each other. She prides herself on writing characters who have traits they can truly like and admire about each other, even when the circumstances they find themselves in would make this seem unlikely. This could not be more true than in Fool Me Once, her current release.

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