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Sweeter Than Wine cover

“…a lovely, imaginative idyll…evokes the verdant luxury of summer in the wine country…

[with] a perfect wounded hero… I can’t wait to read her next novel.” –Contra-Costa County Times

On the eve of Prohibition, Alice Roye, a young war widow, struggles to preserve her respectable life in small-town Sonoma, California. She desperately needs a vintner for her winery, because without a license to make sacramental wine for the Church, she’ll have to go back to her mother’s Barbary Coast bordello.

Alice doesn’t expect to marry the new vintner, but, blackmailed by the matriarch of her late husband’s family, she does. Can she trust this gaunt, blond stranger–or keep from falling in love with him?

Siegfried, a refugee from the Great War with nothing left but his winemaking talents, finds in Alice’s arms the home he thought lost forever. But how can he prove his love, and still keep secret that he was a soldier in the Kaiser’s army–the enemy her first husband died fighting?

Will the lies in their pasts destroy everything they hope to build together?

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“A marvelous story of life and love in the wine country of California… Everything I look for in a keeper is here: well-drawn characters who act in a believable fashion, a beautifully evoked sense of time and place, smooth writing, humor that adds to the story never overwhelms it, terrific dialogue, and a plot that allows the characters to reveal themselves bit by bit… complex, full-bodied, and memorable…” –All About Romance


Twist of Honor cover art

A historical romance by Karin Welss, who makes up half of the Michaela August writing team.

“His design was strictly honorable: to rob a lady of her fortune by way of marriage.” (Henry Fielding, Tom Jones)

It’s the spring of 1666, and Kit Fitzgeorge, a disabled mercenary soldier, finds himself in desperate straits, unable to earn an honorable living but unwilling to beg charity. To provide for his young daughter, he agrees to kidnap the young, wealthy, and widowed Countess of Cranbourne and deliver her into a forced marriage with an impoverished nobleman.

While waiting for the perfect opportunity to abduct the Countess, he becomes dangerously attracted to her, and finds himself forced to choose between his daughter’s welfare and an impossible love.

“Karin Welss gives her story freshness by placing it in a new setting, and by giving to her hero and heroine a humanity which we feel instantly.” –Joy Calderwood, Reviewers Choice

“…enthralled and floored this reader…a new author who really wows me..It’s a story that will stay in my heart for a long time. Brava!” — Amy Cunningham, Romance Reviews Today

Read a short excerpt or the first three chapters–free!
Buy the ebook from Fictionwise eBooks
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