Readers at our forums recently noted that the Barnes & Noble website indicates that Patience, the long-awaited second novel from Lisa Valdez, would be out starting today. Given that the author’s website does not appear to have been updated since May 2008 (curious in light of a supposed January 2009 release), I inquired further.

Today I received confirmation from Ms. Valdez’s publisher that she does not have a release coming out today. Further, I have been informed that Lisa Valdez’s book “currently is not scheduled for publication.” Given that Ms. Valdez’s website lists her contact information as “being updated”, things are not looking good here. Hopefully, the situation will change, but unless I hear something further from Ms. Valdez, I don’t think I’ll be feeling too optimistic.

ETA: As noted by reader Trish in the comments below, Ms. Valdez has updated her website since this post initially went up. There appears to be a little more news, but still no definite release dates. Hopefully, things will work out for the author.

-Lynn Spencer

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