A few weeks ago, tabloids and celeb gossip sites exploded with the story about a 51-year-old actor (not likely someone you would recognize or know) marrying a 16-year old girl.  I, for one, was pretty firmly in the “publicity stunt/she’s not really 16” camp- I mean, you take a look at this girl, how can you think she’s actually sixteen years old? Well, apparently she is– ABC has verified her birth certificate.  She was born in 1994.

When my mom and I saw a commercial for this segment last night, my mom pointed out that 50 years ago, this wouldn’t have been an issue.  Okay, 3 times her age maybe wasn’t usual, but it wasn’t as scandalous as it is now.  And, watching the interview, their courtship seems more chaste than you would expect– no sexual contact, either physical or written — until they were married.  (Of course, this is what they said– who knows if it’s true?)

What do you think about this story? Is it real love, or an elaborate publicity stunt?

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