toni1It’s spring at last, and I used the first of the warm weather to visit the zoo in Munich. The main attraction there at the moment is Jamuna Toni, a baby Asian elephant who was born here in December.

Isn’t she adorable? While we were there, the weather was still deemed to nippy to a baby elephant, so she had to stay inside while all the grown-up elephants were outside. But she wasn’t alone: One keeper was on special duty to keep her amused (and moving, I guess, so the visitors would have something to watch). He threw some balls, in which Toni ignored completely (obviously, balls are something only even smaller elephants are into). She was only interested in running after him like an over-grown puppy and in scratching her hairy little back. Cute!

toni2By the way, Jamuna is an Asian name, fitting her background, and Toni is her Bavarian name, fitting her place of birth.

– Rike Horstmann

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