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New Chewing Gum Flavors = Yum!

gumDo you chew gum? For the last 40-some years I would have answered “no way” I was reared to think that chewing gum was unladylike, bad manners, bad for your teeth, and just an ugly habit (think cows chewing cud). It never seemed like I was missing anything, because in my experience, gum came in just a few flavors, mint of some kind, fruit of some kind, and pink. And I remember the days when gum only came in foil packs and the sticks would fall out and come unwrapped in your purse, get sticky all over everything and collect lint and dirt. And used gum disposal is gross. But a new medication makes my mouth dry sometimes and recently I’ve been exploring what’s new in the world of gum.

There are some great new flavors out there! My favorites so far are Extra Dessert Delights, which come in Root Beer Float, Lemon Square, and Bananas Foster among others. They’re sugar free, so no worries on that front. The packaging keeps them clean in your purse. Only time will tell if I can get over the aesthetic and disposal issues, but in the meantime trying all the new flavors is an adventure.

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