FAQ About Our New Look

First of all, thank you for visiting us here at All About Romance.

We’re very excited about the new look and advanced search capabilities we unveiled in December. Though our new design is simpler and our navigation far clearer than before, you’ll probably find the questions and answers below helpful as we finalize the transition over the next few months. The site was configured to work with 99% of browsers as long as your resolution is set to 800 (rather than 640) and Java is working properly. Those of you using iMAC’s, though, may have difficulties in viewing the site properly; we were informed by Apple that there is a bug in OpenCube that affects Internet Explorer. We are trying to work out a fix to this iMAC problem.

What new features does your new look offer?

With our new Power Search feature, in addition to traditional author/title searches, you can now search for reviews by grade, reviewer, publisher, setting, sensuality, review date, ISBN, book setting, and even book type. And at the bottom of every review in the database you will find a similar light purple search module that will allow you to search for books by author or title using one of two search options – our new database and our existing Freefind.com search engine. When all archived reviews have been entered into the database, the Freefind.com search engine will no longer be necessary.

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Are all reviews included in your Power Search?

Not yet…but we’re getting there. Our internal database currently encompasses 95% of all 5,000 archived reviews and all new reviews (nearly 700) online since October 1, 2004. As such, we encourage you to search using the mini-search module of our reviews database as seen above to your left. Until we complete the moving of all existing reviews into our reviews database, you may not find the review you seek through that Title/Author mini-search module. By checking the progress of the transfer process, you can easily determine whether to access additional search options using our database’s Power Search or either the archives index pages for archived reviews or the older, Freefind search engine you see above to your right. We appreciate your patience and plan to finish the transfer process by the end of 2005.

I just came across a page that looks like the “old AAR”? How do I get back to the new site?

Until the transition is complete, pages that haven’t yet been transferred will still carry the old look. Simply click on the AAR Home button at the bottom of each page to get back to the new site.

I just took a link to a review and came up with an “Oops” page. What’s happened?

As we tranfer reviews into the database we are deleting their original “pages” at AAR, rendering links to those pages unuseable. But we’ve created a customized error page that comes complete with our navigation menu and search modules to help you find your way.

You used to provide book titles and links to reviews of books in a series at the top of reviews. Now there is only a “this book is part of a series” statement. Why did you eliminate this helpful feature?

That helpful feature required a great deal of time and effort we can no longer expend. We feel that the “this book is part of a series” statement in conjunction with the search module(s) at the end of each review provides you with a fairly easy way to get the information on your own. This will become even more helpful when all archived reviews have been transferred into the database.

Once again, thanks for visiting! We’ll be updating this page as new questions arise and to keep you posted on our progress, so check back often.

We hope you enjoy our new look and encourage you to invite all your romance-reading friends to visit us soon.


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