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]]>Support our sponsors In 2004 we contracted with a web design company to create a new look and functionality to All About Romance. In December 2004 we were ready to “go live” with our ambitious design plan, which included a custom-built reviews database to house more than 6,000 reviews, as well as a new page design, featuring a navigation menu atop each page.

We completed the reviews transfer from our archives into the database at the end of November, 2005, and remain hard at work reformatted other existing, static pages at AAR into the new “look.” We will complete this process as soon as possible, but AAR is a site with thousands of pages of original content. In the interim, if you come across a page at AAR that does not have the same look as this page (including the AAR/hammock scene atop the page with the navigation menu directly beneath it), it has yet to be reformatted. Don’t panic if that occurs; after you finish reading the unformatted page, simply press your “back” button (or the Home Page button at the bottom of these unformatted pages) and continue navigating at AAR.


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