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Our customized reviews database is very powerful, and we’ve just made some improvements to it:

  • You may now search using multiple criteria (ie, all B-graded Medievals with Hot sensuality ratings, all authors whose first names are Nora and last names who are Roberts, all reviews written by Ellen in 2003 that earned an “F”, etc.)
  • In order to facilitate browsing, you may now search on an author last name that begins with a certain letter
  • You may now sort your search results by Review Date or Author Last Name


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Please be aware that although search fields and buttons are provided on this page, they are not in working order. They exist solely to illustrate the various search options.


* Title

containsbegins with

Whether you know the full title of the book you are looking for, or simply a word within the title, use the “Title” field, with either the “contains” or “begins with” option. This field allows you to search for individual book titles – including anthologies – and short story titles as well. A search for the latter will yield as a result the book’s title as opposed to the individual short story. This holds true for authors in anthologies as well.


ISBN (no dashes or spaces) You may also search for a specific title using its ISBN number. In January 2007 the ISBN will include 13 digits; our system has been upgraded for that event.


Author’s First Name

Author’s Last Name

containsbegins with

You may use the Author Name fields for narrow or wide results. If you are looking for all reviews of J.R. Ward books, type J.R. in the “Author First Name” field and Ward in the Author Last Name field…a results table with three titles will appear. If you know the last name of an author but not the first – or vice versa – simply fill out the field you know. Say you remember you liked a book by an author whose first name is “Rhonda”…type that into the First Name field and your results will include six titles by two authors (Rhonda Woodward and Rhonda Nelson). If, however, you would like to browse among all reviewed books for authors whose last names begin with C, use the “begins with” option that accompanies the “Author Last Name” field; 496 titles across 25 results pages (we provide 20 titles per results page) will appear.




DIK Searches

As we use plusses and minuses in our grading system, you can search for all B+’s, all C-‘s, etc. using the drop-down menu provided.


The best way to think about our DIK reviews is that a Desert Isle Keeper is the kind of book you’d want with you if your ship went down at sea. If you wish to view only DIK reviews, click “DIK Searches” so that you won’t have to conduct three searches – first on A+, then A, and then A-. Because we grade short stories as well as the anthologies they are part of, you might discover a listing like the one below and be confused. Don’t be…two of the short stories in the following anthology received an A level grade.

New Desert Isle Keeper Reviews

Grade Title Author Book Type Sensuality Published Reviewed ReviewerA- If Only In My Dreams Wendy Markham TT Warm 12/2006 11/29/2006 LisaB+ Secrets: Volume 18 Anthology Ero Rom Hot 12/2006 11/28/2006 Kate CA Angel Rogue Mary Jo Putney Eur Hist Warm 2006 11/26/2006 Cheryl
We think it’s important to differentiate between DIK reviews as written by staff and those as written by authors or readers, so we offer that search functionality as well. While author and reader submitted DIK reviews are edited just as staff reviews are edited, we only consider those staff DIK’s as “professional,” which is why, if a DIK review is written by an author or reader, it is so noted at the top of the review: (This DIK review was written by an author) or (This DIK review was written by an reader).


sensuality ratings


You may search for all reviews posted on a particular day (2/1/2005), a particular month (2/2005), or particular year (2005). Obviously a search for all reviews posted on a particular day will provide more narrow results than all reviews posted in a particular month or year – three reviews, for instance, were posted on 2/3/2005 while 50 were posted during the month of February 2005.




You may search for all books published during a particular month or year (the “month” is only used, though, for books not yet published – or for category romance titles). If a book has been re-issued, the latest pub date is provided on the results table, although the book’s actual Copyright Date is [also] provided within the body of the review. See Review Date above for narrowing or widening this search option, however, the majority of our reviews provide only a pub year and not a pub month.






drop-down menu

Historical Fiction

Shapeshifter Romances


Renaissance Romances

Historical Romance


If you plan to search using this field, we recommend looking at the drop-down menu first. If your search is for some type of historical romance, we suggest you familiarize yourself with our historical designations. This is useful not only for Book Type, but also for Time Setting or Locale Setting, and as searching is limited to one search field at a time, you may want to use Time Setting or Locale Setting instead. For instance, if you are looking for all historicals during the Renaissance, you would search on Book Type = Renaissance. If you were interested in simply the Elizabethan period, instead of searching on Book Type = Renaissance, you would search on Time Setting = Elizabethan.

Time Setting Hints

We try and be as specific as possible about Time SettingsEarly 1700s would be 1701 – 1710, 1710s would be 1710 – 1719, and so on. If we can’t narrow it down to a decade, we’ll add a King’s reign – ie, 1200s King John. For critical events (English or U.S. Civil Wars) or popular romance novel periods of history (the Restoration, Victorian), we’ll clarify the years in this way: 1660s Restoration or 1850s Victorian. We can’t always narrow the time frame down, but will do our best. If it seems we are too narrow, remember that another reason for providing the detail is this: as the information appears in the review’s header, it provides context for the book.

Because the Regency period is such a common one and is so short, we don’t bother with the decade…all Regency-set historicals have a Time Setting of Regency. If a book is a trad Regency, we don’t provide a time setting at all (unless the book is actually set in the Georgian era, which occasionally happens).

We try to be as specific as possible for Locale Settings too. If a book is a Western/Frontier Romance, we will have entered Oregon Territory or Texas. If a book is a Medieval, we will have entered England or Scotland rather than Europe or Great Britain (or) London or Edinburgh.





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Tell Me Lies

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Crazy For You


Anyone But You

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Also at the bottom of each review in the database, in addition to the small review search module, is a listing of any articles or interviews that may have been written by or conducted with the author. Those articles/interviews are not part of the database itself, but we built this feature into the system to aid navigation throughout the site.

Our Jennifer Crusie interview

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Overall Site Search: In addition to providing the mini-search module and links for authors on the bottom of each review at AAR, we’ve also built in a site-wide search engine known as Freefind (see above). If, for instance, something is mentioned in a review that you would like to search for outside the reviews database – tstl heroines, for instance – you can type that into the Freefind search engine. The first three of many, many results are as follows:

1. All About Romance: Patricia Rice on Too Stupid to Love Heroines
ran across your discussion of stupid heroines. Nothing will make me toss a book faster than a … without any problem, if the heroines learn from their mistakes. That’s the Big One, as

2. All About Romance Novels: At the Back Fence Issue #192
up featured heroes and heroines ready to tear each other apart. I’m … back for more. Heroines It has been bandied about that Julie Garwood’s heroines are TSTL. Now, I can see where

3. All About Romance: Laurie’s News & Views #78
browser. Focus on Heroines: We’ve done a number of … shrift to heroines. We talk about feisty heroines, virginal heroines, even tstl (too stupid to live) heroines. But we don’t talk

Origin In Death

Origin In Death

In Death



Bump in the Night

Memory in Death

Origin In Death

Survivor in Death

Visions in Death

Divided in Death

Remember When

Imitation in Death

Portrait in Death

Purity in Death

Reunion in Death

Seduction in Death

Vengeance in Death

Out Of This World

Betrayal in Death

The Apothecary Rose

Judgment in Death

Witness in Death

Loyalty In Death

Conspiracy in Death

If, after experimenting with some or all of these hints you still have trouble making use of our reviews database, you may contact us via this online form and we will try and answer you as soon as possible. The best way to learn, though, is simply by playing around with the various search fields.

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