Reviews by Pat Henshaw

A Texas Christmas: An Anthology

I’m not much for holiday romances, mainly because the limitations of the season and especially the sentiments surrounding the holiday often stifle authors’ creativity and the result turns out to be hackneyed or cookie cutter-ish. Since all the stories in this anthology are related by time and pl ...

Give Me a Texas Outlaw Anthology

When I want to be introduced to a writer I’ve never encountered, I like to read anthologies. If the compilation has a story I enjoy by a new author, it’s like an extra cherry on a sundae. Fortunately, that sums up this anthology for me.Most Wanted by DeWanna PaceI’d never read ...

Texas Rain

I’ve tried several previous Westerns by Jodi Thomas, but this was the first I truly enjoyed. While it isn’t perfect, it is a sweet and effective romance from start to finish.Travis McMurray is a half-Irish, half-Apache Texas Ranger. His father was killed when he was very young, and his mothe ...