Reviews by Abi Bishop

Key of Knowledge 2

Narrated by Susan Ericksen I enjoyed Nora Roberts’ Key series when it came out in 2003 and was delighted to discover that Susan Ericksen, one of my go-to narrators, was the narrator. Unfortunately, the first hours of this second entry are a bit rocky for me in audio. In this trilogy, three y ...

Deadly Little Secrets

It’s hard to explain why you didn’t enjoy a particular experience, especially when all the elements for enjoyment are present. This is my position with Deadly Little Secrets, a romantic suspense novel centered on a techie CIA Agent banished to cold cases after a failed operation and the techie s ...

Wicked Delights of a Bridal Bed

Wicked Delights of a Bridal Bed was a pleasant read for me. It's the heart-warming story of a man who has loved a woman for a very long time, but held back his true feelings due to his relationship with her family - until it was too late and she was betrothed to another. Misfortune gives him a secon ...

Lord Lightning

Edward Neville, Lord Hartwood, is a profligate rake, a semi-outcast in polite society, and quite possibly one of the Greatest Lovers In All England. You know the type. Studious Eliza Farrell has been raised by her aunt to chart character traits based on astrology. When the two meet, she is letting L ...

The Princess in His Bed: A Fiery Tales Collection

The Princess in His Bed is a collection of three erotic short stories by the same author. The marketing gimmick is that they’re based on classic fairy tales, however, it’s only a very basic nod to those tales. Happily, this works well; each story stands on its own, and I never got the feeling th ...

His Sinful Secret

His Sinful Secret is that he was and continues to be a spy for the English government. He is Michael Hepburn, the new Marquess of Longhaven. Born the second son, he left all ducal preparations to his older brother and went off to one or the other Napoleonic war. Though the war has ...

Scoundrel In My Dreams

As I read the first few chapters of this book, I was enthralled. Celeste Bradley, I thought, where have you been all my life? A charming young man turned tortured war hero engaging in a sex-filled night with the little sister of his mean love interest through a case of mistaken identity is right up ...

The Devil She Knows

The Devil She Knows is set largely in 19th century Turkey and it’s this setting that kept my attention for most of the novel. Unfortunately, the romance felt tepid. Though words of love were shared, there was not much in the way of proof by action. In addition, the premise upon which the two main ...

Un-Nappily In Love

Un-Nappily in Love is the sixth instalment in a series about the life of Venus Johnston. A lot has happened since the first book, and Thomas does a good job of keeping the new reader in the know throughout the story without resorting to info-dumps. However, I think I would have enjoyed the novel mor ...

Huddle With Me Tonight

They met online and it was hate at first sight. Famous football player Torrian Smallwood just brought out a cookbook which gives a taste of the dishes to be featured in his soon-to-be-opened restaurant. Paige Turner, entertainment columnist and online book critic, thinks that he should stick to foot ...